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The latest version of the B2B platform that you are viewing is aimed at creating awareness and marketing services and products in bulk for marketers, companies, institutions, suppliers, buyers, sellers, official intermediaries, and marketers and distributors. Respected suppliers inside and outside of Iran, with many years of successful experience in online commerce (e-commerce) through international and local sites, have been established since 2013.

Why us? connects traders with service providers, wholesalers, buyers, importers and exporters, manufacturers, and international and local distributors in more than 240 countries and regions in the world quickly and cost-effectively based on its unique services. Powerful search engine and tools for product and brand promotion.

Platform Design is designed so that you can receive the latest purchase requests from all over the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and throughout the year, and send your sales proposals and see the increase in sales of your company along with promoting your brand and product. Be. portal has thousands of monthly visitors inside and outside of Iran, which is a self-confirmation of the claim that it is the best international Persian language site, which is a wonderful show for more than 180 million Persian language users in Iran and other parts of the world. offers and provides the possibility of trade without intermediaries and with easy access.

Database & Categories is the first Iranian B2B market that is designed based on the standard of international B2B websites to provide the highest level of satisfaction, security, and safety of online trade for exporters and importers. Terms of use of the site, privacy, prohibition of inserting illegal products, and training on the use of the site, along with the first halal directory in Persian and English languages of Iranian companies with more than 22, 185 records.


Considering the regional situation and the lack of a centralized and reliable platform, Irexporters acquires a very high ability to exchange B2B transactions, which is very important.

Automated SEO

Automatic and free SEO helps you, even if you don't have an online business, you can easily introduce your products and services by relying on Irexporters.

Vision is the first Iranian bilingual international B2B site, which is launched with the aim of creating an online wholesale market for goods and services for merchants of 245 countries and regions in the world in 32 collections and 6006 sub-collections in Farsi and English languages. In order to open a new gate for the trading of producers and distribution of Iranian traders according to the conditions of the day. With this approach, we intend to:

  1. At the same time bilateral or multilateral interaction with buyers and sellers from different countries, the costs of marketing and knowing other markets and in the same direction, finding buyers and sellers inside and outside Iran and other Farsi-speaking countries to the minimum Let's get as much as possible. This difference is clearly evident by examining other costs of 'in-person marketing', which is impossible, especially in the conditions of epidemics (coronavirus, etc.), and it is hoped that it will be welcomed by the members of the site.
  2. Set up an intermediary-free method for small, medium, and large businesses only by paying an annual membership fee.
  3. To receive purchase requests and domestic and foreign sales proposals using reliable methods and provide them on the website.
  4. Provide Iranian and foreign members with the opportunity to use the Persian-English directory of more than thirty-five thousand Iranian companies free of charge.
  5. Direct marketing and introduction of Iranian companies, their goods, and services through 'Mony Fan Middle East' company, the owner of the site inside and outside of Iran, using possible methods such as communication with the chambers of commerce of Iran and different countries that are possible It is possible to make an exchange with them in the current situation.


Middle East Maany Fan Company, the owner of the site, is trying to receive purchase requests from all over the world, and based on the type of products and services of Iranian companies, they are sent in different ways and in Farsi and English languages. Notify the members based on the information listed in the membership table. Also, this service can include initial correspondence to establish a relationship between the buyer and the seller. If needed to provide more services, such as telephone and face-to-face consultations, meetings, etc., in addition to receiving the membership fee, a percentage is received as a commission based on a separate marketing and sales contract.CEO of Middle East Maany Fan Company,
Hossein Haji Hossein

Brand Media

The design of the visual identity has not undergone many changes in the past few years, but in the new version of the Irexporters platform, we are faced with a completely new design based on deconstructive typography and a navigation element that shows the unlimited geography on the surface of the planet.


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